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Artist. Magic Maker. 




As a young girl I was endlessly creative but at some point I got the message that making art was not a viable job and veered off in other directions. I pursued a degree in politics and women’s studies at college, which ironically is the basis for much of my artwork today.

In 2010, I realized I wanted to make creative expression more accessible to young girls in the hope that they wouldn’t be plagued by the same doubts about creativity that I had been and to encourage them to put art making front and center in their own lives. I founded BraveGirlsArt, a venture that has since been folded into The Creativity Caravan.

My personal artwork has always been biographical, but recently it has taken a hard left turn toward the political. I try to use my one small voice to speak my mind about the injustices in the world and to initiate social change, even if only in my community. I don’t shy away from the hard bits.

In the end, I’m just a human being who wants to be seen and heard and loved, like everyone else on the planet. 

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