New Work

I continue to work in a landscape I often still refer to as my strange diary, using collage in many forms to tear apart and rebuild, to investigate and invigorate, and improvise. I’ve recently begun to experiment with fabric and hand-sewn collage in a project I’m working on with my oldest son we call Elf Ear Clothing (because he was born with an elf ear). We thrift used clothing and then clip the images and labels off of items, rearrange them, and piece them back together. I sew our designs onto another piece of recycled clothing to create a collage.

Show Me.Elf Ear.png


If you are interested in commissioning a piece from Elf Ear Clothing, please contact me and we can discuss pricing and design elements.

For me, collage is always the perfect metaphor for life and I recognize that I’m closest to my feelings about motherhood, family, marriage, and the current political climate in my artwork. It is in the studio where I feel free to bump up against my despair, worry, anger, disenchantment, and frustration, where I explore love and desire and faith. It is here that I rattle the bars of the cage of motherhood. It is here where I feel safe to rage against the machine.